Almost the Clearlake! A lesson is checking the route


💯 Transparency is about sharing the good, the bad, and the “f ups”. Melinda and I have been talking about riding to Clearlake. Today while planning our 240 mile ride I added gas stops and other destinations. One gas top was at the bottom right before #clearlake. For some reason it didn’t click with me to go further north to actual Clearlake. About 20 miles south of Clearlake after we get ⛽️ up, Melinda asked “did we pass the lake?”. Being we were coming up on hidden valley lake I was like not yet. Via our @senabluetooth headsets we chatted a little more to see if we should stop and check or not. Then we pulled over to check. We were now 30min away South of Clearlake. Dam it. We almost made it. All I could say is “my bad”. We took a big sigh, and said next time! One day we’ll make it to Clearlake. We enjoyed our ride back through #nappavalley to #sanfrancisco . Today we learned 3 valuable lessons.

#1 review the full route planned before leaving home.

#2 over communicate where you want to go.

#3 review the route at gas stations.

Still today’s ride was epic!

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